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Turkmenistan: Jehovah's Witness sentenced to four years for faith practice

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Jehovah's Witness Merdan Amanov became the sixth known imprisoned conscientious objector when given a one-year sentence in July.

Ahmadiyya Times | News Watch | RU Desk
Source/Credit: Forum 18
By Forum 18 | August 20, 2014

Same court, same judge, same four-year prison sentence, different Jehovah's Witness victim

Less than seven weeks after he had imprisoned a Jehovah's Witness on what his fellow believers insist were fabricated charges, Judge Gaigysyz Orazmuradov of Dashoguz City Court in northern Turkmenistan sentenced another Jehovah's Witness.

33-year-old Bibi Rahmanova was given a four-year prison sentence for 'assaulting a police officer and two train station employees,' charges she vigorously denied. "This decision is particularly shocking considering that Bibi is the mother of a four-year-old boy and was clearly the victim of police abuse," Jehovah's Witnesses told Forum 18 News Service.

Rahmanova and her husband were both charged after they were detained for collecting religious literature from the train station.

UK: Ahmadi Muslims refuse to be deterred by BNP campaign against possible mosque in New Addington

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"They believe every Muslim is the same and that is not right. We are peace-loving people. This is our land, we are very proud to be British Muslims and we are ready to do whatever we can for our country."

Ahmadiyya Times | News Watch | UK Desk
Source/Credit: Your Local Guardian
By Chris Baynes | August 21, 2014

A Muslim sect hoping to open a mosque in the south of Croydon has refused to be deterred by far right campaigners.

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community's wants a second base in the borough and has said it will not rule out New Addington as a potential location, despite vocal opposition from the British National Party.

The group, which wants to make it easier for members to worship, has also considered Shirley and South Croydon and held talks with Croydon Council earlier this year about using a house in Addington, although that proposal was thwarted by planning regulations.

Labour and Conservative politicians were last week united in condemnation of the BNP, which they said "sought to whip up fear and incite Islamophobia" by holding a meeting at Addington Community Association in opposition to the mosque.

Naseem Butt, regional president for the Ahmadiyya in south London, said opponents of the mosque were entitled to their opinion but had misjudged his community.

He said: "They have got every right to say whatever they like; everyone has that right. But I'm sure they misunderstand us.

UN: Ban ki-moon tells Lanka to help UN-led probe

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“The Secretary‑General encourages Sri Lanka to cooperate with the inquiry led by the office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, that was established by the Human Rights Council."

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Source/Credit: Colombo Gazette
By Colombo Gazette | August 20, 2014

UN Secretary General Ban ki-moon has urged Sri Lanka to assist the investigation on the war led by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR).

Ban ki-moon’s spokesman St├ęphane Dujarric said that the Secretary‑General fully supports the High Commissioner for Human Rights and commends the leadership she’s demonstrated to assist Sri Lanka in advancing accountability and reconciliation.

“The Secretary‑General encourages Sri Lanka to cooperate with the inquiry led by the office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, that was established by the Human Rights Council.  He reiterates the importance for the Government and the people of Sri Lanka to constructively engage with the entire UN system as it would help the country make constant progress development, lasting peace and protection of Human Rights,” Dujarric said.

Pakistan: Electoral reforms body has no representation of non-Muslims, moot told

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“It’s for the first time in recent history that a committee on electoral reforms has been set up. But it must have representation of non-Muslim communities also.”

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Source/Credit: Daily Dawn | Pakistan
By Dawn Staff | August 20, 2014

KARACHI: A committee constituted by the federal government for electoral reforms lacks representation of the religious minority communities, said rights activists and representatives of religious minority communities at a seminar on Wednesday.

Condemning acts of discrimination and violence against minority communities in recent months, they demanded legislation on forced conversion and called upon the government to set up a committee comprising members of all faiths to stop the misuse of the blasphemy law.

The seminar on minority rights was organised by South Asia Partnership Pakistan. Non-Muslims played a critical role in the making of Pakistan, but they had never been given due respect, the speakers said. No effort was ever made to acknowledge the contribution and sacrifices of the minority communities made to Pakistan’s creation.

UK: Thousands head for Hampshire to take part in Jalsa Salana

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Delegates from 89 countries across the world will be taking part in the peaceful movement which will feature exhibitions on the community and human rights throughout the three days.

Ahmadiyya Times | News Watch | UK Desk
Source/Credit: Daily Echo
By Ed Stilliard | 20th August 2014

TENS of thousands of Muslims from across the country are expected to head to a Hampshire village for an annual international event.

More than 30,000 British Muslims from the Ammadiyya Muslim Community (AMC) will be joined by millions from across the world when they take part in a three-day conference near Alton from Friday.

Oakland Farm in East Worldham will transform into Hadeeqatul Mahdi, a global village with accommodation, kitchen, food, bazaar, library, book stalls, TV and radio stations.

The event, known as Jalsa Salana, is the largest and longest standing annual Muslim convention in the UK and has been running for 48 years.

His Holiness Mirza Masroor Ahmad, worldwide head of the AMC, will open the conference by delivering a speech promoting spirituality, peace and compassion and raising the Union Flag.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

UK: Rotherham Muslims joining international event

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At the event, from August 29 to 31, attendees will pledge their allegiance to His Holiness Mirza Masroor Ahmad, the worldwide head and caliph of the AMC.

Ahmadiyya Times | News Watch | UK Desk
Source/Credit: Rotherham Advertiser
By Antony Clay | August 20, 2014

MUSLIMS from the Rotherham area will be joining thousands of others from across the country at an international event in Hampshire.

Members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community (AMC) will be attending a three-day international event called the Jalsa Salana in Alton, Hampshire.

At the event, from August 29 to 31, attendees will pledge their allegiance to His Holiness Mirza Masroor Ahmad, the worldwide head and caliph of the AMC.

A spokesman said: “The AMC is a peaceful Islamic movement, established in the UK for more than 100 years.

“The event’s participants will travel from 89 different countries to attend the Jalsa Salana.”

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