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USA: Texas representative to staff: Ask Muslim visitors to pledge allegiance

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“I do not apologize for my comments… If you love America, obey our laws and condemn Islamic terrorism, then I embrace you as a fellow American. If not, then I do not.”

Post from the Facebook page of state
Rep. Molly White, R-Belton, on Jan. 29, 2015
Ahmadiyya Times | News Watch |
Source/Credit: The Washington Post / The Texas Tribune
By Reeve Hamilton and Alexa Ura
Posted: Jan. 29, 2015

Freshman state Rep. Molly White, R-Belton, is not in Austin today to celebrate Texas Muslim Capitol Day. But she left instructions for the staff in her Capitol office on how to handle visitors who are, including asking them to declare allegiance to the United States.

“I did leave an Israeli flag on the reception desk in my office with instructions to staff to ask representatives from the Muslim community to renounce Islamic terrorist groups and publicly announce allegiance to America and our laws,” she posted on Facebook. “We will see how long they stay in my office.”

Texas Muslim Capitol Day is organized by the Texas chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations. On its website, the day-long event is described as “an opportunity for community members to learn about the democratic political process and how to be an advocate for important issues.” The agenda calls for sessions about political activism and visits to the offices of state representatives.

Even before participants in Thursday’s event — about 100 Muslims, mostly students and children — could get to White’s office, they encountered opposition from a small group of protestors outside the Capitol holding signs, including one that said “Radical Islam is the New Nazi” and another that said “Go Home & Take Obama With You.”

Indonesia: Public campaign needed on freedom of press, expression

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While the Press Law is liberal, the code criminalizes expressions of disrespect toward public officials, and a new draft Criminal Code contains many more restrictive articles.

Ahmadiyya Times | News Watch | Int'l Desk
Source/Credit: The Jakarta Post
By Atmakusumah Astraatmadja | January 8, 2015

The fall of the New Order in May 1998 led to an unprecedented number of new press publications — from fewer than 300 to about 1,300 in 2001. The thousands of radio stations today (formerly only 800) reach about 85 percent of the archipelago.

Hundreds of privately owned, community and public television stations (formerly only six) reach about 70 percent of the country.

But threats against the media and freedom of the press have still emerged from local governments using the 60-year-old Emergency Law. Among other occasions, the law was put into effect in Maluku and North Maluku during conflicts between Muslim and Christian communities. Under the law, the government could take any emergency measures including the banning of both print and broadcast media.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

UK: ‘Fantastic’ young Muslims honoured at parliament event for raising £1.5 million for charity

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The Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association is reflective of exactly the kind of contribution that many groups make, of different faiths, of different communities, who do the right thing."

Ahmadiyya Times | News Watch |
Source/Credit: SW_Londoner
By Helen Le Caplain | January 29 2015

Muslim youth from the world’s largest organised Muslim community handed over charity cheques totalling £340,000 at the House of Lords yesterday– bringing their total fundraising efforts to £1.5million.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association (AMYA) presented 45 cheques to UK-based charities including the Royal British Legion, Barnado’s, NSPCC, British Heart Foundation, Humanity First, The Silver Line, CLIC Sargent and MacMillan Cancer Support.

The majority of the funds are raised through AMYA’s annual flagship charity event called the Mercy For Mankind charity challenge.

Australia: Ahmadiyya Muslim Association Victoria delivers ‘message of loyalty’ on Australia Day Parade 2015

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Ahmadiyya Muslim Community believes that serving humanity is the way of putting their faith into practice to become a role model for the coming generations.

Ahmadiyya Times | News Watch | US Desk
Source/Credit: Ahmadiyya Muslim Assoc.
By Press Release | January 29, 2015

On 26th of January 2015 more than 100 members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association Victoria took part in world famous ‘Australia Day Parade Melbourne’ as part of its annual Australia Day Celebrations. Members of all ages from all over Victoria marched through the famous streets of Melbourne reciting Kaleema-e-Shahadah (Islamic Creed) and promoting the message of ‘Love for All, Hatred for None’ & ‘love of country is part of faith’.

Thousands of Australians welcomed and cheered the Ahmadiyya Muslim Group as they carried the message of peace, love, harmony and loyalty to the homeland. The approximately 2 kilometre long Australia Day parade started at 11:00am. Thousands of people lined the roads to see the parade and to show their support for the participants.

Eye on Islamophobia: Nicholas Kristof Still Disagrees With Bill Maher On Radical Islam

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This debate took place before the Muslim-led attacks on Charlie Hebdo in early January. But in a conversation with HuffPost Live on Monday, Kristof explained why, in the wake of increased religious violence from extremists, he's still averse to making generalizations.

Ahmadiyya Times | News Watch | US Desk
Source/Credit: The Huffington Post
By Emily Tess Katz | january 27, 2015

Nicholas Kristof was sitting next to Ben Affleck in October of 2014 as the actor famously sparred with Bill Maher over the principles of radical Islam. When Affleck accused Maher of being "racist" and "gross" for claiming radical Islam is “the only religion that acts like the mafia, that will f--king kill you if you say the wrong thing, draw the wrong picture or write the wrong book," Kristof announced that he agreed with the "Batman" actor, corroborating the sentiment in his New York Times column shortly thereafter.

This debate took place before the Muslim-led attacks on Charlie Hebdo in early January. But in a conversation with HuffPost Live on Monday, Kristof explained why, in the wake of increased religious violence from extremists, he's still averse to making generalizations.

India: Plans afoot to clean government offices with cow urine

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“We have tested the product in labs and we can say that it is much better than the phenyl that you get in the market which is so full of chemicals.”

Ahmadiyya Times | News Watch | Int'l Desk
Source/Credit: Al Arabia News
By AFP / New Delhi | January 9, 2015

Cow urine may soon be used to clean the floors of India’s government offices in a country where bovines are sacred and their bodily waste considered therapeutic and even thirst-quenching.

A charity working to care for and protect the cows that freely roam India’s streets has developed a cleaning product with their urine - distilled and spiked with natural perfumes to remove the pungent odor.

“Initially when we tried the product, it had too strong a smell. Nobody would have used it. So we have distilled the urine now and added natural ingredients like pine oil to cover the smell,” said Anuradha Modi from the Holy Cow Foundation.

Modi said she was working on a deal to get the company that supplies housekeeping items to government offices to use the product -- which is called “Gaunyle,” with gau the Hindi word for cow.

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