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Pakistan: Ahmadi school teacher tortured to death in police custody

Saleemud Din alleged that the real reason for the teacher’s arrest was to taint the reputation of the local Ahmadiyya administration of Rabwah. “Master Abdul Qudoos was the President of Jamaat-e-Ahmediyya’s local chapter and he was arrested to defame the administration.”

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Source/Credit: The Express Tribune | Pakistan
By  Shamsul Islam / Abdul Manan | March 31, 2012

[Update] Contrary to SHO Khadim Hussain's claim in the news story below, Ahmadiyya Times has independantly learned that the victim Abdul Qudoos was first picked up illegally on February 10 and tortured for 46 days. He was released to his family on March 26 in a terrible physical condition, it has been further learned. According to the SHO statement, he was taken into custody only on March 24.

FAISALABAD / LAHORE: Master Abdul Qudoos, a well known Ahmadi school teacher was allegedly tortured to death while in police custody in the Rabwah city of Punjab on Friday.

The Chenab Nagar Police has registered a case against two accused police officials.

Master Abdul Qudoos Ahmad, 43, was taken into custody by the police in the first week of February for questioning in the murder case of Muhammad Yousuf, a stamp-paper seller from Nusrat Abad.

He was allegedly tortured ruthlessly during the interrogation, causing severe internal injuries.

“When his body could not take further torture, his relatives were blackmailed and he was released. He was admitted to a local hospital where doctors tried to save his life, but Qudoos died due to several injuries and excessive loss of blood,” Abdul Qudoos’s brother-in-law Imtiaz Ahmed said.

SHO Khadim Hussain of the Chenab Nagar Police Station told The Express Tribune that on the complaint of Imtiaz Ahmad, a case had been registered against the two police sub inspectors, Sujhat Ali and Manazar Ali under sections 302, 148, 34 of the Pakistan Penal Code.

He, however, maintains that the accused was picked up on March 24 and was released two days later as the police was convinced of his innocence. Hussain says a fatal disease could be the possible cause of death.

Hussain said the dead body was sent for postmortem examination, adding that if the autopsy proved the cause of death to be torture, action against the accused will be taken accordingly.

The spokesperson of Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya Pakistan, Saleemud Din condemned the incident, terming it ‘callous and inhuman’.

“The way Master Abdul Qudoos was tortured and brutalised is the lowest form of humanity. Police should investigate the murder case and whoever is involved should be brought to justice. The police have no right to pick up any person and subject them to extra-judicial torture,” Din said.

Saleemud Din alleged that the real reason for the teacher’s arrest was to taint the reputation of the local Ahmadiyya administration of Rabwah. “Master Abdul Qudoos was the President of Jamaat-e-Ahmediyya’s local chapter and he was arrested to defame the administration.”

Saleemud Din demanded the constitution of a high-powered commission to investigate the case. He also urged the government, as well as human rights organisations to take notice of the incident.

“The culprits behind the murder should be brought to justice so people can have faith in the police department,” Din said.

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afaq ahmad said...

it's very disgusting situation in pakistan for ahmadies....

God will take revenge soon.....

Anonymous said...

a day will come when every will get to know the truth which they are not able to see now. then they will be ashamed on themselves what they did................... and then they will not have any other option............
still we Ahamdies will show syspathy and love for those kind of people............

Anonymous said...

Being arrested for no crime committed, and being tortured with out any proof of being related to the crime demonstrates that this attack was only done to torture and humiliate an Ahmadi. The universal statement "innocent until proven guilty" doesn't seem to work in the Pakistani police system which shows the corruptness of this country. The country is known to be an Islamic country and yet it is hard to believe that no one understands the true teachings of Islam. There is no mention of violence against any religion in the Holy Quran and yet Ahmadi’s are still targeted in Pakistan. The world is moving on and developing better human rights and yet Pakistan seems to be going backward and taking away the human rights of different religions especially Ahmadi. Pakistan continuously cries for a brighter future yet they are unable to give human rights to their own citizens.

This act of brutality not only displays the ignorance of government but also demonstrates the lack of feeling among people who are taking part in conducting these brutal acts. It seems like people have lost the understanding to distinguish between right and wrong. Just reading this article is able to transmit the pain that Master Abdul Qudoos Ahmad must have felt during the brutal torture into the reader, and yet the police are able to perform this horrific deed without feeling any remorse or pain.

Looking at the low literacy rate in Pakistan, there is a need for public educators. Rather than focussing on preserving their educators, the judicial system decides that condemning Ahmadi’s is a higher priority on their agenda therefore brutally killing an innocent teacher is justified by the sole fact that he was Ahmadi. Even though Ahmadi’s are trying to make Pakistan a better place, they are rewarded by torture, brutality, and humility.

May Master Abdul Qudoos Ahmad rest in peace and may justice be served. But knowing Pakistan, this is highly unlikely to happen due to his personal set of beliefs. We can relief ourselves by knowing that God is watching therefore if not punishment in this life, they will be punished the hereafter.

Anonymous said...

This is a shamefull act. Where you go for justice when state become your enemy. The best citizens of this country treated as worst. This country called Pakistan is in deep darkness. People of this country deserve current leadership.

safeer said...

Such a violation of humanity in a brutal and insane way. These so called “Guardian of Kalima” (pakistan police) and these hypocrite Mullahs have no right to justify. Pakistan is our mother land we cannot hate it even though but these animals who doesn’t even have a single damn idea in there screwed up minds that what Religion is actually about. They have messed up and exhausted the society and they claim for being the true followers of Islam. Shame on you racist, nonhuman creatures. May Allah Rest Mr Master Abdul Qudoos in peace and bless his family for the scarifies. We are all joined is this moment of pain and sadness, God bless his family and parents Ameen

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