Friday, May 28, 2010

Breaking News | Ahmadiyya Muslim Community: 2 mosques attacked in Pakistan

The attacks were against the Ahmadi group, which has often been targeted by radical Sunni groups in the past. 

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Source & Credit:  Network News | The Washington Post
By The  Associated Press |  May 28, 2010

LAHORE, Pakistan -- Gunmen armed with grenades attacked two mosques belonging to a minority Islamic sect during Friday prayers in the eastern Pakistani city of Lahore, police said.

The attacks were against the Ahmadi group, which has often been targeted by radical Sunni groups in the past.

The mosques were several miles (kilometers) apart from each other, police officer Haider Ashraf said.

Officers outside one of the mosques in the Garhi Shahu district of Lahore were engaged in a gunfight with the attackers, an Associated Press reporter at the scene said.

The Ahmadis call themselves Muslims but believe that Muhammad was not the final prophet,[*] - a view that contradicts a central tenant of Islamic belief. They have long been subject to informal and state-sanctioned discrimination in Pakistan.

The government has declared them a non-Muslim minority and they are prohibited from calling themselves Muslims or engaging in Muslim practices such as reciting Islamic prayers.

* Ahmadiyya Times Note: This is an inaccurate characterization by The Washington Post reporter about the Ahmadiyya belief in Khatme- Nubuwwat (finality of the prophethood). For correct Ahmadiyya understanding of this issue can be found here:

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Anonymous said...

Excuse me. Ahmadi's Believe that Hazrat Mohammad (SAW), was the seal to all prophets As well. In the Holy Qur'an it says that How there will be a messiah that will come , and he will not change anything about the religon of Islaam however he'll revise it and help those who have gotten off of the path of Islam. Sunni are still waiting for that Messiah, which has already come. So If you're saying How Ahmadi Muslims, don't believe that Hazrat Mohammad (SAW) was the seal to all prophets, you are wrong, because they do. And secondly if you're saying that You're basically saying sunni's think that way to , cuz they to obiously are awaiting for the promised one. So next time please study an Islamic group before you decide to say false about them. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Oh you're too afraid of posting my comment aren't you. Because you know im correct About my views. Ahmadi's Know how to stand there ground, they don't need to take revenge on Know one, because they are not cowards like you all. May Allah Help them through this horrible time.

Anonymous said...

Are you worried, that the rest of the world will find out the truth about ahamdi's, is that why you haven't posted my comment(S), if you have the guts I dare you to post it. You can't talk shyt about another MUSLIM group just because you're getting no where in life. Ahmadi's DO believe in Hazrat Mohammad (SAW) as the seal to all prophets, till this day. So watch what you say because god will punish you, for talking about another religon that way, you're telling lies which is considered as a sin. So as far as I see it you're not much of a muslim you're self, actually a coward, thats why you can't post my comments, because you know its the actual fact that you are hiding. If ahmadi's are so wrong how come they have spread across the world globaly? Think about it, its good for you!

Editor said...


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